Estate of Philip Call of Ipswich
Essex Probate Docket # 4528

I Philip Call of Ipswich in New England in the county of Essex being sick of body but Inioying my memorye and vnderstanding doe make this my last will and testament, for my outward estate wch God hath Given me I thus dispose after my debts are discharged. I giue unto my wife mary call all myland in old England dureing her natural Life and after her decease my will is that my sonn Phillip call shall haue and inioy the same to him and to his heires for euer and Alsoe I doe giue vnto my sayd wife mary call my House and Land about it in Ipswich in New england aforessyd for the terme of her naturall Life and after her death my will is my daughter mary call shall have and Inioye the same and my will is that if any of my children departe this life before they come to age or the sayd lands come into there posseion (?) then the surviveing shall haue and Inioy the whole and my will is that my sonn Philip call shall haue a cow and mydaughter mary a calfe to be impued for there vse & benifitt and for the rest of my estate I giue vnto my wife for to helpe bring vp my children and after her death what is left my will is shall be devyded amongst my children according to her discression
Item I make my II wife II sole executrix of this my last will and testament In witnes that this is my last will & and testament I haue heervnto sett my hand the sixth day of may 1662 In witnes that this is my will This was signed & published to be the last will and testament of Plipp call in the presence of Vsphp Call
John Caldwell
Richard smith
Robert Lord

Source: The will of Philip Call of Ipswich was proved in the court at Ipswich Sept. 30, 1662. The following copy of the instrument was taken from the original on file in the probate office at Salem. "The Essex Antiquarian" V. X p. 169

Submitted by: Roseanne Montgomery

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